WiFi Monitor Plus – Boosting IT Revolution in Indian SMEs

Boosting ahead the IT revolution in the Indian SME sector, ManageEngine has joined the initiative of revolutionising the IT infrastructure of Indian SMEs by launching a special customised app for IT admins. Known as  WiFi Monitor Plus, this app will enable them to monitor, analyse and survey Wi-Fi signals in any area, directly from their Android mobile devices.

WiFi Monitor Plus is an app with smart filters that intelligently filters out the weak signals and shows the best strength available signal. Users can even view all the signals on a single graph. This app is customised to work in two modes, i.e., the analyser mode and the surveyor mode. When the app works in the analyser mode, then the users will be able to optimise the Wi-Fi connectivity by viewing the available networks, graphs of the scanned networks’ signal strength, and channels with interference. Whereas, when the app works in Surveyor mode, then the user can survey a site for the best signal strength.

Addressing to the need of this app, Vidya Vasu, Head of the ManageEngine Community and Free Tools said, “IT admins responsible for ensuring good network connectivity will immensely benefit from this app. The channel interference graph that shows both co-channel and inter-channel interference is a unique functionality that adds value by equipping the IT admins with actionable information. They can quickly decide on a course of action such as turning off a channel to increase the WiFi signal strength.”

With the launch of this app, the adoption of technology by SMEs seems to be more promising, as the users who have tried the beta version of Wi-fi Monitor Plus have given a good response regarding its functionality and details. This app is believed to be more beneficial for the IT admins, who run small businesses, as the app enables them to control and enhance the efficiency of the Wi-Fi connectivity of their IT department on the go. The app is available on the Google Play store for download for free.

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