“Leave the tried and tested and create your own path and build your story of success” – Ami Savla

It’s all about a unique business concept that makes an entrepreneur stand out from the crowd. The best way to carve a niche for your startup in the market is to have an out-of-the-box approach and execute your vision delicately.

However, endeavoring to revive the age old practice of barter in the current commercial economy, Ami Savla has emerged as an idol for many aspiring women entrepreneurs of the country. Striving hard to revolutionise the business world with her solitary ideas and transform her dreams into reality, she has come up with a one-off sapling ?X-Change-It – Bond over Barter’ that introduces a cashless trading platform in the merchandising system of the country.

Starting from the scratch and scaling new heights, the journey of Ami Savla has not been easy. In conversation with Businessnonstop.in talking about her successful entrepreneurship venture, she shares some secrets that keep her motivated and help her through her journey to entrepreneurial success.

Edited excerpt

1.       Please tell us something about X-Change-It?

The idea of getting back the Barter days came to us when we some office colleagues were discussing over a coffee about successful entrepreneurs and how they are changing the business world with their out of the box approach. We came up with the idea of building a platform where we could exchange Books, Goods and Services the Barter way.

That’s how X-Change-It came into inception. We have attempted to create a platform where you can exchange your stack of CDs with second hand books, exchange a fitness class for a cooking class, rid yourself of excess furniture for a smart phone, trade your DIY products for books or piano lessons, do someone’s assignment for concert tickets, do web designing in exchange of interior designing for your new room – all and much more without burning a hole in your pocket.

2.       According to you, what is the USP of X-Change-It that differentiates it from other existing businesses in the market?

Our USP is the Cashless Xchange. Through X-Change-It, we are attempting to build a cashless trading platform through which, not only the big companies, but normal people, could trade goods or services for other products or services that they need. We believe that in this way, they will understand the potential of their art, products and services. The key principle of our business is distinctive from others as we consider that each person has a skill, ability, service or intellect to share with all of us and we hope in such inflationary times, our cashless trading platform is creating a boom in the market.

Barter way was in the soul of our business, since its inception. Even most of the activities/skills/expertise that were required to build up X-Change-It was got onboard in the barter way. For e.g., services like legal, marketing, financial, setting up the office, etc, were all worked upon the barter way.

3.       What were the biggest roadblocks while setting up your business and how you managed to overcome them?

The biggest challenge through our journey was to gain people’s trust with the quality of our venture as it doesn’t involve money, as in today’s time quality is measured with a price.

But with our determination and constructive efforts, we have gradually succeeded in overcoming it and now people are accepting our intention of establishing a friendly community barter way through relationship building.

4.       What are your future plans of scaling up and establishing X-Change-It on a global platform?

With X-Change-It, we intend to revolutionize the way we do business. The idea is to make our venture from being local to national and gradually a global platform, which could serve the purpose of anyone in any corner of the world to get products / services on a Barter basis.

We will be going live on our online web platform soon and gradually operations will begin in full swing. We have planned to target local communities first, followed by Metros and other cities. Our main intend is to make X-Change-It as everyone’s next shopping destination!

5.       Marching ahead with your unique brainchild, X-Change-It, what tips you would like to share with women entrepreneurs?

Women Entrepreneurship is the next IN thing in our country. All that I need to say to  the young and enthusiastic women out there is that if you are passionate, just follow your instinct, dedicate your time and soul for what you love and you will be an achiever!

There will be 100 people out there not believing in your dream, the only challenge is finding that one person, who not only envisions your dream but is your solid support system throughout. The one who will help you in building your dreams from the scratch and trust me if you look around you will surely find that one person. And who says you need to follow the crowd? Leave the tried and tested and create your own path and build your story of Success!

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