How to balance work and life with the power of Cloud Telephony

Many of us struggle to strike a proper work–life balance the consequences of which can be very devastating on the personal as well as professional front. Where do you draw a line? When do you say –  No, this is enough, no more 14 hour workdays, no more seven day weeks, I got a family now, and they need me too. The problem is you can’t.

With businesses operating 24X7, employees have to be on the top of their game round the clock. So you can say goodbye to good old family time for a long time.

Well, not quite! There is technology.

The greatest thing about technology is that it provides solutions to common everyday problems. Solutions that make it easier for us to start a business or work from home.  Sometimes the benefits from technology are not so apparent right away and come to light only after repeated use.

Cloud telephony is one good example of technology bettering our lives. Starting out as a disruptive force in the telephony segment it has grown into a potential force that can change the way we live and work. It keeps outstation employees and working mothers and those traveling plugged into the business network 24X7 anytime and from anywhere.

Take your work home

Although it is not advisable to take your work home sometimes taking work home is much better than spending those extra hours at the office. The biggest advantage is that you get to be with your family during the holiday season when the work pressure on you is the most.

Incoming calls that you take at your work station can be routed to your home or mobile number ensuring optimum work-life balance. This arrangement will ensure that you do justice to your professional talent without having to sacrifice family time.

Plug into the network even when you’re holidaying 

Planning on a holiday this winter? Maybe you want to go somewhere warm with a beach where the Sun is neither to harsh nor too mellow. Sounds perfect!

Wait…What about your work? Worrying about work, about that important business call, while you’re holidaying can be very off-putting. It is sure to kill the holiday buzz.

Why not stay connected to your business 24×7? Cloud telephony helps you do just that, wherever you go wherever you are. You will never miss a beat. And you will enjoy holidaying with the knowledge that you’re never far away from that important call.

Work from home mothers

The first few formative years in the life of a child are very important for its all-round development- it is so important that new mothers don’t have to think twice before taking a long sabbatical from work putting their professional lives on hold.

However, with cloud telephony, working mothers can strike the perfect work-life balance without losing out on the most productive years of their lives. With cloud based office productive tools it is possible to work remotely from home without anybody noticing the difference. Cloud telephony is one such tool that has changed work – life equations in more ways than one.

Ambarish Gupta, Knowlarity

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